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Painting Over Galvanized Steel ~ Dr. Langill

Surface Preparation before Painting
o Acrylic Latex Coating for durability
Superior Acrylic Latex Coatings
Restoration & preservation costs less when you use
Grab-em Paint Acrylic Latex Coating for both wood or galvanized
grab-em paint
o Pick from hundreds of colors
grab-em paint colors
Wienert Manufacturing Company has six Acrylic Grab ‘em Paint formulations which are used to paint surfaces, make colored paints, and mix primers. These six paints have many common qualities and a few items which make them distinct from each other and more suitable for certain applications.
The common qualities among them are:
1. These paints are all water thinned latex paints for lower odor potential during application and easy cleanup with soap and water.
2. All of the paints are made with the same basic ingredients except for one or two materials.
3. These paints are proven by 40 years of panel testing, commercial painting, and farm and residential coverage.
4. Grab ‘em Paints are reasonably priced and comparable to competitors pricing, dry quickly, and are economical when the life of the paint coat is considered.
5. These paints have outstanding Adhesion (no peeling or curling) when applied properly to problem Woods, Metals (including galvanizing), Masonry, and Repaint. They also make excellent primers for other types of paints.
6. Grab ‘em Paints offer outstanding Corrosion Inhibition to resist rusting of iron and zinc surfaces on buildings, roofs, tanks, fences, electrical substations, conduit, towers, pylons, etc. These paints are perfect for surfaces which are inaccessible and hard to paint frequently.
7. Microbes, rot, and other biological growth on paint films and primers will preserve cleanliness of top coats from “dirt pick-up” giving true colors and cooler whites for lower temperatures on barn roofs, turkey barns, etc.
8. Weather and UV resistance prevents decomposition by sunlight and fading of the original color. Grab ‘em Paint also resists the effects of Acid Rain in Air Pollutants.
9. Grab ‘em Paints have Low VOC (Volatile Organic Carbons) because they are free of petroleum solvents and organic microbiocides.
10. Application is simple with brush, roller, and airless sprayer. Cleanup is simple with soap and water (dawn detergent works great).
11. Stable in the can for long storage life since Grab ‘em Paints don’t skin over and don’t settle a hard pack layer in the bottom.
12. Others - flexible to resist grain cracking, no yellowing, usable over caulks and sealants, low sheen for smooth look over irregular surfaces, and white color film almost “glows” in the dark.

Grab ‘em Paints are used as white and colored topcoats, as discussed below.
A. 35648 White/Pastel is Ethylene Glycol (EG) Free to prevent flash rusting and has low VOC level. It is used primarily as a white paint but also may be used as a pastel paint with up to two ounces of colorant per gallon of paint. The colorants contain EG so using large amounts of them for darker colors defeats the reason for using and EG Free paint. Best used on iron and rusty galvanized steel.
B. 35439 White/Pastel contains EG and is best used over primers, on wood, on masonry and over repaints. It is a white finish with a low sheen and a gloss of 5 to 10. It may be tinted with up to two ounces of colorants to create pastel colors.
C. 35609 Medium Tint has less Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) than 35439 and also contains EG. With lower TiO2, it is easier to create a slightly darker color by adding two to four ounces of colorants. This paint is used on wood, primers, masonry, and over repaints.
D. 35606 Deep Base has even less TiO2 than 35609 and also contains EG. Even darker colors are formulated by the addition of from four to eight ounces of colorants.
E. 35450 Accent base contains no TiO2 and is used to create the darkest bright colors to highlight and accent trim, fenced, structures, etc.
F. 35607 Red Oxide is barn red color from iron oxide and contains no EG so has low VOC. It is used as a primer particularly on iron but it is also a great barn paint.

Grab ‘em Paints are also modified by addition of Linseed Oil to create primers.
A. Penetrating Primers are made by the addition of Raw Linseed Oil to allow treatment of porous surfaces to increase protection and adhesion of the following coats.
B. Wetting Primers are made by the addition of Double Boiled Linseed Oil to merely wet the surfaces of non-porous materials.
C. Zinc may also be added to the primers to prolong the life of the primers.