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Grab-em Paint Products ~~ Water Based Latex ~ Versatile ~ Durable ~ Adhesive Power ~ Corrosion Protection ~ Erosion Resistance ~ Mold Resistance ~ Stain Resistance ~ Stability in Storage ! Long Life and Durable
Grab-em Paint
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Commercially available Grab ‘em Paints

The following paints are commercially available in gallons and 5 gallon plastic pails, and in
quantities of up to about 25 to 100 gallons in one day; larger quantities of several hundred gallons will be available within about 2 weeks as production can be arranged..

3-5439 ~ Grab ‘em Paint White and Pastel Tint Base is a self-priming paint for use on relatively good surfaces of wood, iron, zinc, masonry and composites. Surfaces that are in poor condition for painting (ie. severely weathered wood, punky plywood, open grained cedar and redwood, severely rusted iron surfaces and heavily chalking repaint surfaces) should be primed with penetrating primer. See P-7 Primer (off-white) and Red Oxide 3-5607 Paint (barn red) below.

Grab ‘em Paints that are tinted to one of 1000 colors (by using one of 4 appropriate Tint Bases ie.White - Pastel Tint 3-5439, Medium Tint 3-5609, Deep Tint 3-5606, and Accent Base 3-5450) making use of standard color fan/decks with about 1000 different colors ranging from some "off-whites " to "medium deep colors" to "deep colors" and to "very dark colors" including "black".

All colored paints are made by adding one (or a combination of up to 4 different) standard concentrated range of rainbow colored pigments per quart, -gallon, or- five gallon of paint base.

Cost is total raw material cost for colorant plus $1.00 per each container for labor. Larger
quantities colored in 100 gallon factory batches will be specially priced depending on computer calculations for color being made. Bare in mind that some bright cherry reds, canary yellows and purple colors are very expensive (more than 10X the cost of cheaper colorants) and these colorants do not have good tinting strength nor excellent exterior stability. As a policy, the customer is advised to pick another color. Fortunately, white is the color of choice for repainting rusty galvanized roofs of livestock and poultry barns; cooler surface and less cost and durable!

Grab ‘em Paint Red Oxide 3-5607 is a self-priming, barn red color, that has excellent adhesion on iron and zinc surfaces (rusty galvanized metal buildings) and long long corrosion resistance and adhesion (one area of a quonset still looks good after 28 years). This, as a primer and white topcoat to cover the red gives a durable paint system for iron (hot rolled steel with mill scale) as on gasoline storage farms. No peeling, just white white!

P-7 Grab ‘em Paint Primer is a lower cost off-white (but tintable to pastels) penetrating paint for use as primer on poor "paint-holding" surfaces (open-grain cedar and redwood, weathered wood , plywood and chalky repaint surfaces). Not suggested as a topcoat. Use Grab ‘em Paint White and Tints (above) as finish topccoats.

Grab ‘em Paint 3-5648 White and Pastel Tint is extremely unique resistant to corrosion of iron, including flash rusting.( over night rusting by water-thinned paints applied on clean iron and caused by ethylene glycol, a common ingredient of latex paints and universal colorants.).This paint passes our overnight flash rusting test for ethylene glycol with absolutely no corrosion on clean steel. This paint is the product of choice where flash rusting is a problem.
Rusty Water Tank
Before Sand blasting
Properly Prepared Rusting Water Tank coated with Exterior Acrylic Latex Coating
Rusty Water Tank
After Sand blasting
Grab-em Paint's UltraGrab® or UltraPerm® Premium Exterior Coating is formulated with Grab-em® technology insures long lasting performance because their paints are infused with advanced acrylic co-polymers. UltraPerm® is self-priming with Ultra mildew-resistance coating. It requires just one coat for repaints and two coats for new work so exterior jobs get done fast.

Grab-em Paint's UltraGrab
® or UltraPerm® Premium Exterior Coating works great on wood (new or old) (deck or Dock) or steel including  galvanized.  Yes, properly prepared surfaces have been known to last to 29 years.
Versatility, Adhesion, Appearance, Corrosion Protection, Mold and Stain Resistance, Stability w/Color Retention, and long lasting durability
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