Home of Superior Long Lasting Grab-em Paint

Your Home and/or on the farm Pole Barns, Galvanized Steel Buildings, Steel Panel Buildings, Wood or Steel Pipe Fences, Gates, or Corrals can all be protected using “Grab em Paint”. Grab-em Paint’s Superior Acrylic Latex Coatings are tough products for tough jobs at home and on the farm.

Grab-em Paint is simply the BEST PAINT for the job!” Any color, any quantity. It came about because Lester Wienert has always wanted to provide the very best paint at an affordable price.

Since 1976, Chemical Engineer, Les Wienert, has been improving paint formulas, testing and manufacturing only the best acrylic latex coatings. His goal is to manufacture and sell only very best PREMIUM GRADE PAINT and sell it at affordable prices.

Early in his career he had a winner, And now, after many years of patiently testing his Grab-em Paint Technology, he now offers an Grab-em® Premium Exterior Coating which is formulated with Grab-em® technology and infused with advanced acrylic co-polymers for long-lasting performance. This Premium Exterior Coating has proven Its worth for more than 30 years surviving everything nature has sent its way.

This formulated superior Acrylic Latex Paint is specifically designed to cover exterior surfaces of steel, galvanized metal, or wood. His superior proprietary formulas allow the acrylic latex coatings to be used with great success on new or aged, and even rusty galvanized metal or steel panel construction. Call or come by to discuss you paint needs.

Specifically designed for direct to wood or steel applications it will help to restore old, weathered metal roofs and wood siding to a beautiful fresh renewed appearance.

This premium water borne acrylic coating formula is mold and mildew resistant and dries quickly to a long-lasting, durable, fade and chalk-resistant semi-gloss finish. With its superior adhesion properties, it will resist rust and corrosion on steel and galvanized panels and raised ridges making it ideal for the sloped metal roofs on barns and pole buildings. Add beauty to roofs, trim, doors, and structural steel. Estimated coverage from 250 to 300 sq. ft. per gallon. Spray applications will vary coverage somewhat. Spray application may require thinning with 5 to 8 oz. of water per gallon. Under good low humidity it will dry to touch in a very short time. We recommend that surfaces be allowed to dry overnight before recoating. Soap and water eases the cleanup chore for this water borne acrylic.